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"The issue is not whether climate change is happening, that is unarguable. The issue is: what is the cause of the change."

Agreed, yes, but I can't agree with your later demonisation of "Deniers". Well, I can agree but can I also mention that some "deniers" are just "sceptics" as in scientific scepticism. You see, an awful lot of climate science is based on predictive computer models rather than experiment and many of these scientists involved in the research are largely copying each others theorhetical models rather than establishing their own research. In other words they are taking each others models as rote - as fact.

Add to that a measure of financial incentive (on all sides of the argument), peer review either being non-existant or being mutual (You review my climate change paper, I'll review yours) and a fairly substantial swathe of data/findings either being withheld or partially selective with data and you have a 'climate' (see what I did there?) in which scepticism can thrive.

Putting ALL scepticism down as some sort of low intelligence, conspiracist movement is a bad thing, but so is simply taking consensus as science. Real scientists employ the scientific method to their studies and do not withhold, manipulate or adjust data to suit theory, and I would like to see more of the much vaunted 97% doing just that in order to remove ALL the questions that people still have.

If its such a massive issue (and it clearly appears to be) then eliminating all doubt is the first step towards a unified response.

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