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"Trump is a patriot"

That makes him a fundamentalist, as in "my country above all else, right or wrong." He believes that America should be "first amongst equals", which also makes him a supremacist and a fascist. Patriotism is the belief that those people who form the majority population in an abritrary geographical area delimited by a few lines on a map are somehow bound together by that approximation. It's highly illogical, no better than "faith" based divisions and certainly not good for the advancement of mankind as a whole. Next to religion it's the biggest cause of strife and conflict that the world knows.

" doesn't bow to anyone, nor do the rest of us."

That's because you demand that everyone bows to you whilst you bow to no one. You should learn something about respect and how it differs from hubris, yankee. Don't lecture others on being "snowflakes" until you and yours learn what it means. Thanks.

" If the Mexican President doesn't like what Trump says, he has a voice too, you know. He doesn't need YOU to chastise Trump for him"

Yep, trumpet has a voice too. We've all heard it quite enough thank you very much. He can indeed speak for himself and doesn't need you to apologise for him. Next time you seek to put down an opinion with such a weak argument I'd advise trying it out in reverse first.

"Oh wait, he's probably not YOUR president"

No, he's not. Thank heavens for small mercies. We have our own facist leader to deal with in the UK.

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