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Uhmm, Steve124,

Have you considered the fact that YOUR generation is responsible for the existence of todays so called "millenials"? It is YOUR generation that gave us all the wonders of "social" networking and "the internet" with no regulations or guidance on how to handle it. It was YOUR generation that raised their kids to be oh so special and super important and entitled.

I am unfortunately also part of the "millenial" generation according to some measures and I keep having to listen to this drivel about how we are all entitled and whining and don't understand the world. In the meantime it's idiots of our parents generation that keep doing stupid stuff like voting for Trump or Clinton (or Wilders, or LePen, or Merkel, or voting for Brexit, or signing the treaty of Maastricht, etc, etc). Meanwhile we get to prepare ourselves for picking up the pieces.

BTW, those "60s raised hippies" had EXACTLY the same rant about YOUR generation. (And in fact, the parents of those hippies had the same rant, and their grandparents... Just keep going back in history and you will find older generations whining about the lack of respect and lack of understanding and bladyblahblah of the younger generation. It's not exactly a new thing)

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