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Still works for me albeit now much constrained

As a young spotty herbert I learned the ways of the "force", a wee young lad of 7 I started playing with computers. As I reached my teenage years ( circa 1986) and with my 8bit micro and 16bit AtariST knowledge I easily gained knowledge of the PC and needed...

a) alchohol for free/cheap

b) to attract young women

I was often times summoned to perform incantations on possessed machines, much laying of hands ( well, re-seating ISA cards and cables! ) and thus the machine was reborn as if by magic. Much rejoicing, gifts of cans of beer and gratitude of many people including some of the aforementioned young ladies.

Sadly these days my skills while still in demand it's just the beer and gratitude of women as ever but now my wife keeps a close eye on those I impress to ensure they not too impressed!

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