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and not forgetting 6

the EU fomented a minority faction to protest against the democratically (for some value of one man one vote approaching UK standards) elected government; because the democraticaly (by a majority) elected government did not want to play footsie with the EU and piss of the Russian bear. Well the EU succeeded in destabilising the country; driving out the democratically elected president in the process; and replacing him with an pro EU anti Russian clique. The rest is history and was predicted about 2 years before it all happened.

Having woken the Russian bear; if the EU had attempted to uphold its guarantees regarding an independent Ukraine; well; then the clock would be at 10 PAST frigging midnight. Thank you our lords & masters in Brussels for cocking up big time you selfish unelected tits (can't be arsed to do a proper rant about those unspeakable things in Brussels). When the hell are we doing article 50 ?

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