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"And by the way, I'm not against requiring ID to vote either, but only if sufficient protections are in place to insure it isn't just a way of suppressing the minority vote which is the true goal of most voter ID efforts."

Are you aware that Voter ID laws have not suppressed minority voting at all? Indeed, black turnout has zoomed, up to equal or higher percentages than whites for a decade now, right at the time the ID laws were taking effect in a dozen states. But, sadly, from my reading at it appears that, regardless of the actual turnout results by race, the ID laws are "intended to suppress minority voting" and are therefore bad. I saw the phrase in multiple sites, so it appears to be a PC requirement to have those proclamations in all voter ID articles. It's clear to me now where some of your arguments originate.

There is no way to prove the ID laws are not intended to suppress voting, since that involves inner motivations and not outward acts. Nor can it be proved the opposite.

I refuse to accept the liberal shibboleth about "proven voter suppression" is not just lefty propaganda supporting the Democrats and their imported voters.

So all we really have to stand on here are turnouts. And those turnout totals don't support your accusations of racism against the Republican Party, at least in this one instance.

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