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I make that assumption based on the fact there is ZERO evidence to back up such a claim, and it is up to those making such a claim to prove it, not for me to prove the claims are false.

Find a single state election supervisor in either a red or a blue state who suggests such widespread fraud is taking place in their state. It is fine to put forth "what ifs" but outrageous claims require proof. Already Trump's claim that "all" the voter fraud was against him is proven false:

I welcome Trump's investigation. While I think it is a waste of money, it will make him look stupid when he can't prove his claims and he'll be forced to admit he lost the popular vote. I just hope it is thorough and covers actual PROVEN fraud, and doesn't devolve into some bullshit about "look at how many dead people are registered to vote in California" or "see there's a guy with the name Jose Perez registered to vote in Los Angeles and here's an illegal alien named Jose Perez who lives in Los Angeles, proof that they are allowing illegals to vote". I'll bet that's what it actually contains in the end when true fraud becomes very difficult to find. So he'll have to hype it by obfuscating facts and conflating "poorly maintained registration rolls" with assumptions that all the people who don't belong on the rolls voted, without showing that they actually did. And his clueless supporters will eat it up and be posting all sorts of crap on Facebook about how Trump "proved he really won the popular vote" by linking to lies at Breibart.

I think the reason some congressional republicans are reluctant to support such an investigation is that it will hurt republican efforts at the state level to require voter ID. If the US government does a wide ranging investigation of voter fraud and finds almost no actual fraud, then the main argument for requiring voter ID becomes problematic. And by the way, I'm not against requiring ID to vote either, but only if sufficient protections are in place to insure it isn't just a way of suppressing the minority vote which is the true goal of most voter ID efforts.

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