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anyone can print and sell your books

This has always been true.

The Lord of the Rings was ripped off by a USA company.

Actually "anyone" can print and sell your books only in the sense that ANYONE can re-publish anyone's content of any kind, and DRM does not stop it. HD Video example: HDCP on HDMI and BD copy protection are extra costs to the consumer and HDCP creates problems. A pretty good pirate copy can be made by pointing HD camera at 42" HDTV in a dark room.

1) It's mostly a problem if you are already famous, then you have the resources to enforce your rights.

2) DRM is NOT the solution to copyright violation.

3) It's an overstated problem in terms of claimed lost revenue.

If you have a good story or great educational material, then publish, but NOT exclusive to Amazon. Also use Smashwords (who distribute to Apple iBook, Barnes&Nobel, FlipCart, Kobo etc). Read Mark Coker's free ebooks on the subject (Smashwords). There is also now Google's playstore.

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