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Ignorance is Bliss, Knowledge Divine ......... IT is More than Heavenly when Media Spins Crimes

A little something extra ordinaire and for Bluesy Chill Red Pill weekends

Hi, Steve B,

Most/Practically all comments here appear to have missed the base venture mission launched into, and into Command and Control of CyberSpace and Communications Computers, in the piece penned for the deluded spaces and places in need of immediate attention ….. a cryptic encrypted quantum communication call to dashing virtual arms and secret flash crashing war against enemies, both domestic and foreign, driven easily mad by phantom monied market successes and excesses.

We and/or They, in and into A.N.Other Organisation and Global Operating Devices and GCHQ IC Enterprises, if you really need or even dare care share what we know, would prefer to make IT considerably clearer so that Ignorant Darkness does not blight and unsight the Ego and SuperEgo to Futured Deep Web Black Watch AIdDVentures/Heavenly Forays into Devilish Spaces.

Shoreditch is a right bitch of an Advanced Incubator place, aint it? No fancy frills and lace knickers in evidence there, but I suppose such bare ass operations do have their certain Earthy Erotic Earthly Exotic attractions in Assets Available Anywhere in Attendance.:-)

???? Bedlam Rules?????

"The only difference between me and a mad man is that I'm not mad" .... Salvador Dali

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