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> "The idea that there were 3-5 million illegal votes cast, or even half a million, is beyond ridiculous."

How so, Doug? On what basis do you make that assumption, because it IS an assumption, you know. In a large secret vote, all the integrity of the system resides at the lowest levels, where votes are collected and then counted. What was that Stalin allegedly once said?

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything."

So if a certain fraction of a vote total is illegal, the only way to discover this is to look at the polling places and what goes on there.

But that's exactly what Democrats never want to allow! Asking people to prove who they are is "voter suppression" and questions about vote counts greatly exceeding actual voter rolls are flat out ignored as "crazy talk."

Let's assume for argument's sake that California did have a couple million illegal votes. How are we going to detect it, given that The Dems controlling that state do everything in their power to cloud and obscure the process? If the Dems are NOT deliberately cheating, they would welcome an examination of elections they control so that exoneration would swiftly be followed by demands for apology. That ain't happening tho and never will as long as that party benefits from imported votes. BTW, Republican controlled voting processes are to be examined just the same. It's not the Reps who are trying to block any investigation, it's the Democrat Party.

Basically most citizens just want our election process to be clean and don't appreciate how the Dems fight against that idea tooth and nail, going so far as to label anyone who tries a racists. It's dirty and insulting and it's stopping right now.

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