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Apple eats itself as iPhone fatigue spreads

David Austin

Dunno, Man

I can only offhand remember one other time Apple implicitly admitted they made a mistake, and backed down: the 3rd Generation iPod Shuffle. They went from 4 way Button on device > No button on device (Meaning like iPhone 7, speciality headphones are required) > 4 way button on the device

Other than that, Apply normally power through whatever they want, and drag the surprisingly sticky market with them: I can't think of any other company the could get away with their premium laptop and premium phone, together costing at least £1,500, not coming with a cable to talk to each other by default (USB-C to Lightning)

At this point, I think they'll stick to their guns, and our old 3.5mm friend's gone for good. The only tangible change I expect this to have on apple is they won't drop the adaptor in the box just yet...

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