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> People criticize Trump's claims of 3-5 million fraudulent voters, and I have to agree, there's no apparent basis for him to make that claim. But there's an investigation going on, and if they find 1 million, I'll still be JUST as appalled... [and just as NOT surprised].

The apparent basis of his claim is his narcissistic ego that requires him to have won the popular vote. Just as he can't stand the idea that his inauguration audience in the mall wasn't the biglyest ever and that the protests the next day were several times larger.

He clings to the estimates that there are indeed several million duplicate registrations* or dead people on the register (who have died between registering and the election. There is zero evidence that there are any fraudulent votes cast. On previous elections fraud was calculated at between 0.00004% and 0.0009%. While Trump has claimed that NONE had fraudulently voted for him and 3-5 million voted for Clinton it is interesting to note that several of the new White House inmates were registered in two states, including Tiffany Trump.

The whole point of finding voter fraud is to add new rules to registration to deny votes to anyone would vote against him in the next election. If the investigation finds (or invents) fraudulent voting then the rules would be tightened to require, say, photo id such as a driver's licence. Inner city poor and non-whites tend not to own cars and to not have licences. Thus they would be excluded from registering or voting. This could be enough for the republicans to hold onto power in 2020, and thus shall be done.

* When someone moves from one state to another and registers in the new state, or when someone dies, the old registration isn't removed until the register is reviewed later.

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