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Apple eats itself as iPhone fatigue spreads

Marty McFly

I don't know what to do..??!

So I am bought in to the Apple infrastructure with all the apps, etc. I also really like Apple's stance on privacy pursuant to last year's news stories about being forced to unlock iPhones. I am currently on an iPhone 6.

HOWEVER, a family member has an iPhone 7 which I had to configure for them. I absolutely hate it. The lack of a headphone jack sucks. Wired headphones simply just work and they are not another widget to have to charge up all the time. The biggest thing is how they screwed up the home button. Instead of a defined tactile click, the phone vibrates. Give me back the damn click! Apple 'innovated' a vibration to replace a simple click, but I believe the iPhone 7 has actually jumped the shark.

Apple seems to be going the way of Microsoft with Windows 10 - change for the sake of change, rather than change due to useful innovation.

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