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I agree that we ought to be researching better alternatives to fossil fuels. The key word in that sentence is 'better'.

I'm not convinced the 'alternatives' we are forced to subsidise now are the answer. If all the money thrown away on subsidy/wind farms were directed at sensible research on, say, stable fusion reactors, we might be getting somewhere. But the green scream queens won't wear that kind of research because, horror of horrors, it's a nuclear technology.

Historically, the boom times for human development have been when we have harnessed new cheap forms of energy to increase productivity (e.g. steam engines). We desperately need a step change for cheap energy and the productivity leading to wealth generation that creates, but the current (expensive) 'renewables' are a step backwards.

Also, when it comes to the environment, have you seen how destructive neodymium is to extract? But for most greens, as long as the environmental destruction is happening somewhere other than their own back yard (i.e. China) they don't care. As long as their feelings of moral superiority are preserved.

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