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"...Even though Apple included an adapter in the box..."

It's a "Lightning" socket, therefore it's proprietary, and I assume it's DRM-infested with an endlessly annoying revenue-enhancing chip.

I can't even stand the Apple Lightning charging cables. They're already a moderate pain in the a$$ and a money-grabbing annoyance. Them rolling the codes with every iOS updates leads to another batch of cables being trashed. Even those supposedly, but not actually, MiFi Certified.

I *refuse* to get my headphones and earphones sucked into a similar DRM-enforced, unreliable, easily-lost, DRM-infested crock of shite.

Screw Apple. I've bought an Asus ZenFone 3, which has a lovely headphone socket.

The decision makers at Apple are fools. Don't understand simple Game Theory. Idiots.

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