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Apple eats itself as iPhone fatigue spreads

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And there's the newer iOS...

The newer phones come with only the newer iOS.

Incremental improvements my bottom. Excremental improvements more like.

No more analogue clock display yet they won't show seconds anywhere but in the App's icon for people trying to, say, set an old fashioned clock or timer from an accurate source.

Can't change a timed event to all-day or all-day to timed without knowing the secret method which is pants.

Can't set a text message from a favourite to bypass the "Do not disturb" feature (OK, this bug has been present since iOS 8). Yet the new "Emergency Bypass" feature allows text from nominated contacts to override both Do Not Disturb and the Mute Ringer switch. Just WTF?

Sorry Apple. Your former days of making the UI as smoothly intuitive as possible are over. There will be a peak UI, you were close once. You are moving away from it.

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