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Doomsday Clock moves to 150 seconds before midnight. Thanks, Trump

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Unless I'm grasping it wrong - are we actually fucked? because thats what the clock is telling me. The furthest from doom its ever been is 17 minutes in the 90s - out of 24 HOURS??

I'm gonna assume its a 24 hour clock , seeing as they are specifying midnight rather than 12

there are 86400 seconds in a day , we are 150 from doom.

That means we are 99.82638889 % fucked

Yeah, that number seems a little low. I feel at least 99.9% fucked.

The purpose of the clock is to point out how close we are to annihilating human civilisation. In about 15 years last century we went from the worst thing a fucknut could do is kill all the people that he can get close to, which is not an existential threat, to being able to kill everyone in the world by simply by pushing a few keys. It took creating the clock to point out to a lot of people precisely how close we now are.

If you think of it another way, the clock is counting down how long is left for human civilisation. If you assume we've been going roughly 12,000 years, it's anticipating we've got around another 20-24 years at this rate.

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