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I am obliged to rip the DVDs that I buy and rent. Why? Macrovision. Most big budget DVDs since around 2003ish. It used to mess with my TV, made the picture roll, and so on. It isn't the position or business of the DVD creators to dictate what I watch their product upon. Since I had a digital copy, well then it was just easier to dump it on my phone and watch it while in bed (yup, I'm a lazy git). Given my computer is mesolithic and takes forever to rip DVDs, it would actually be quicker to download a copy of whatever off the Internet. Much quicker. Oh and while you're there, look at all that cool stuff... I don't download, I rip, but that's mostly because my software has an option to turn the computer off when done, so I can just leave it chundering overnight.

You see where this is going, don't you? DRM is a FAILED solution to a problem. Search for "torrent" of practically any film you care to mention and you'll see enough links to make it extremely clear that the use of DRM is but a minor hiccup to pirates, it just gets in the way of and annoys legit users. I'd probably still be using my ancient TV had lame attempts at analogue copy protection not messed with it. I do understand that piracy is bad and it affects the industry, but antagonising paying customers is not the answer. Oh, and quit with that insulting "you wouldn't steal a ..." advert, too.

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