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Look im not going to get into the Copyright stuff in your Argument, but calling DRM unethical is a bit silly and completely false. You can agree with its use or not as you feel, but its just a solution to a Problem and its use has nothing to do with ethics or not.

DRM is a digital solution to a real world problem. Digital Theft. People stealing or illegally sharing something IS unethical. DRM is an attempt at a solution to this. Whether it is a good solution, the best solution or a waste of everyone time, is a matter of opinion. If you have an objection to it, there are sources out there, as you listed, which do without, and your welcome to use them.

I also think your comment that the DRM is still there even after the Copyright expires is a big Problem is clutching at straws a bit. Do you also object to the little fake barcodes that are attached to products at your local store? These are effectively DRM as well, in that they are there to try and prevent theft, and they remain with the product for it's lifetime as well. but I dont see anyone complaining about those?

DRM is a solution to a Problem. If you can suggest a better solution, there would be any number of companies that would jump at a better solution (and you would make a packet). So suggest a replacement to DRM that deters theft but allows the user to do what they want, or quit complaining that the current System is broken or just start buying your books/games from places which dont use DRM and help the market make the decision. Those are the Options on the table...

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