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I cant see North Korea ever nuking anyone.

As long as they can make a mushroom out in the ocean that's large enough for their own people to see then that's enough. They are totally closed off and as long as they can tell their own people that there is a war that's being won - then everything is okay. There need not be an actual war.

Before the USSR was broken then the same type of system was in place. I think the highest risk from USSR was probably the years directly after the collapse. But that's just me. I cant see Russia going to war directly against the USA BUT.... War is great for business, great for making money, great for growing an economy. Someone will not be on the winning side of that - Can you imagine of the oddballs out there now what two world leaders would seek to go to war with other parts of the world just to grow their own economy. The USA (Trump) is taking steps to stop Muslims entering the USA, to economically destabilize China, Canada, and Mexico, they are looking to step away from any "Environmentally Friendly" policies. Putin "hello Crimea" has taken similar steps of his own. Now that the US is going to shun Canada and Mexico you have to wonder if Russia and China might step in to have them pulled into the BRICS. So now, The Pals Russia and USA are going to be at odds... Mexico moving towards the BRICS would be just like NATO moving into Crimea.

People should bear in mind that this "clock" as such is not like a normal "clock"... It can move in both directions - AND - just because it moves close to something doesn't mean it will move directly to midnight. I think that the "Risk" are there and are higher than ever. Tensions are high across much of the world, and this time it is not just the small deprived areas, it is the top parts of the world (North America, Europe). So yea, If the population sit back then I could see some bad mojo happening.

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