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Tell that to the Ukraine.

You have been watching the Beeb and Faux too much.

The story is significantly more complex that you think. The previous governments up to the current one regardless of their shapes, colors, etc did a deal with Russia:

1. Russia keeps the Black Sea Fleet base at Novorossyisk and pays for it. That is a major difference compared to USA keeping Gitmo or UK keeping Acrotiri and using a three finger payment to the hosting country.

2. Russian speaking minority in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine gets the right to speak their own language, be educated in their own language with the last pre-conflict administration amending this to have it as a second official language. Basically - the Irish, Finnish, etc setup.

3. Ukraine gets subsidized gas and some more candy

THAT was all thrown out by the window with both USA and Eu actively investing into it all being thrown out. The first act of the new government and parliament was to revoke ALL minority rights granted to the Russian minority (which is actually a majority in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea). The second one was to tear down all economic agreement. The third one was to arm neonazi militias which have openly declared that a good Russian is a dead Russian in the past (and now too).

It is the usual case - we support someone whose first action in power is to f*** all rights we proclaim as sacred and is slightly to the right of Attilla The Hun. Traditionally this was done in Lat Am. The sole difference today is that we have shifted the activity to the Middle East and around Russia and have mixed up some religious hate for good measure (Catholic vs Orhtodox in this case).

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