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pisses off Russia and they decide to retaliate

Putin is not Trump. You have to hit him for him to retaliate. In fact, not even him - hit Russia or interfere into its internal affairs by any means. This, by the way, includes sponsoring "freedom fighters", trigger happy nationalist lunatics and other similar characters in neighboring countries. I can see his point on that one too. It is difficult to explain to your population why you are supposed to stand and take it on the chin while commuter trolleybuses are being blown up or taken hostage in broad daylight and why his government is not entitled to do anything about it while USA, UK and Saudi somehow consider themselves entitled to do whatever they effing please on the subject (*).

Just pissing him off may be taken personal and you may personally glow in the dark after that, but he is not Erdogan or Trump. There will be no aircraft carriers and submarines with nukes onboard moved just because Trump said something stupid.

As far as Hillary and the no-fly zone, I have heard the same from quite a few Russians so there is a grain of truth there. If there wasn't they would not have deployed the biggest AAA deployment in post-WW2 history to the Syria shores for the election. Just in case.

(*) Just quoting the UK ex-ambassador to Moscow here on the subject of entitlement. We are entitled, he is not.

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