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Doomsday Clock moves to 150 seconds before midnight. Thanks, Trump


Just . . . whatever.

I think I take the line of George Carlin who explained the basis of his (then) new direction in comedy like so:

G: I found a very liberating position for myself as an artist and that was: I sorta gave up on the human race and gave up on the American dream and culture and nation and decided that I didn’t care about the outcome and that gave me a lot of freedom from a kind of distant platform to be sort of amused . . . to kind of watch the whole thing with a combination of wonder and pity and try to put that into words.

Q: Not caring about the outcome – what do you mean by that?

G: Not having an emotional stake in whether this experiment with human beings works – I really don’t care. . . . There’s a little bit of a sick part in this too: I root for the big comet, I root for the big asteroid to come and make things right.

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