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@Hardrada's long and, I'm sure, well researched and referenced post.

Yes. We all know that the democrats have been less than successful in many areas and made some mistakes, and that it wasn't entirely due to congress and senate being under control of the republicans, though that played a significant part in lack of progress and movement. But honestly, which side do you think represents at least some chance of movement in the right direction, R or D? It would be unrealistic to expect absolute perfection from any side so I'll go with the line of best hope, however littered with disappointments that path may be, and hope that the world might not be quite so shitty at term end than it was at term start. Currently with this administration my hopes of improvement at term end are less than zero, so I don't care about all the faults of the democrats you document; I already know all that but I'm not yet ready to give up on the human race and creep into my misanthropic cave and seal the entrance and/or cut my wrists, which seems the only direction to take if I accept your analysis at face value. I'll continue to try to poke what I still see as the best bet in the right direction no matter how dispiriting that can be at times, and keep on enjoying my life as best I can.

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