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"On Friday, the National Park Service announced a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of three men who trespassed and vandalized the Devils Hole unit of Death Valley National Park. The 40-acre site is detached from the main portion of the park, about 30 miles outside of the park boundary within Nevada's Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. It contains a 500-foot deep pool in the desert that is home to the rarest fish in the world—the Devils Hole pupfish.

The three men who vandalized Devils Hole and their off-road vehicle. (National Park Services Investigative Services Branch)

On the evening of Saturday, April 30, the three men drove around a locked gate at Devils Hole and shot at signs, locks, and a motion sensor on the security system. One of the vandals climbed the fence that protects Devils Hole and swam in the pool, leaving behind a pair of boxers floating in the water. While the men tried to disable the cameras at the site by yanking out the wires, their shenanigans were still captured on video. They also left behind beer cans and some vomit. Abby Wines, the public information officer for the park, told LAist that they thankfully did not vomit into the water of Devils Hole."

You're right that shit should totally be allowed.

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