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Those pesky GS merit employee rules

The Civil Service Commission rules expressly forbid political activities on the job and any off the job that could be sen as related to one's official position. By using Twitter accounts associated with National Park Service or identifying themselves as Park Rangers connects them to their official position. Looks like Dept. Inspector General could be busy. Posting comparison photos is also dangerously close to political if it does not address the variances. Two explanations are possible. People didn't like Trump. The threat of anarchy kept people away. Also, Obama organizer "paid" to get people to his inauguration with free entry while Trump charged admission to the event and let people get there by their own devices. The Japanese internment camp posting can only be explained by Trump's America First reference. Ironically, the original America Firsters were NAZI supporters. Germans and Italians were also sent to internment camps if they supported native nationalist groups. The FBI constantly surveilled German communities and the ring of Nazi saboteurs that did infiltrate America with specific targets were turned in by their families. The attack on Pearl Harbor was directed by an American born Japanese via a commercial radio station in Hawaii. Lucky Luciana took care of the Italian community. In general terms, those that defy their boss soon don't have a boss because they are no longer employed.

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