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About 50% of people have Democrat leanings and about 50% have Republican leanings.

Both groups have Murderers, Rioters, Paedophiles, Burglars, Shoplifters and all other things under the sun in them.

Democrats are not all good people (see above sample list).

The general view is that Democrats (left-leaning people) simply want to see a more equal society, say votes for Women or Transgender rights, equal pay.

Republicans (right-leaning people) tend to think that letting people keep all the money they earn, with the least amount taken in tax to allow support for those in 'real' need, works best.

But, even in the USA, almost everyone believes that School should be free and compulsory - logic would dictate that people find and pay for school themselves and tough-luck on those who cannot - should have worked harder.

This is actually what it used to be like of course. In fact, the USA has a higher percentage of people with money (compared with the UK) putting their kids in 'state' schools (which are called public schools just to be confusing).

And, obviously, the USA thinks that 'nationalising' the Military is a given too. Why don't all the states have their own armies? Why don't the Cities use private Militias? Because they know that some things require Government control.

The continuous need to regulate things that had been given too much freedom, such as the 'Markets', prove that unfettered 'Capitalism' simply doesn't work - just like pure Communism doesn't work.

The best current answers seem to be a mix of Capitalism with controls - the main argument is how far to control. The Chinese system appears less reliable to me at this point.

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