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@BJ I won't engage in debate with you as that would rely on facts, and anyone heralding the new administration as in any way, shape or form beneficial to the US must be so fact averse that reality isn't even in sight.

A small example: "But if some minor govt. employees still want to embrace the cult, they can do so. Trump won't try to criminalize it like the cultists wanted to do to the AGW skeptics."

Really? You haven't been reading the news then. In a clear attempt to intimidate the press into following the Communist Party line of news, they arrested journalists on as yet unspecified charges (they threaten with "felony rioting charges"), whereas the real crime clearly was reporting truthfully on events non-compliant with the Diktats from Trump Tower.

Personally, I hope this gets to court because I want to see what happens there. If these people get convicted in what is clearly an attempt to stifle free press, I think the rest of the world should censor any further publication from the White House and Trump Tower that dares to use the word "freedom", "democracy", "constitutional" without the word "not" in close proximity.

So, instead of engaging in a pointless battle of wits with an unarmed opponent I'd like to know what you're smoking so I can avoid it.

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