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Democrats overlooking Obama's record

It would appear almost half of them weren't overlooking his record - the ones who voted for Sanders in the primaries because he spoke out against those things, while Hillary supported them.

Just like the republicans who tried to form an "anyone but Trump" movement, but a bit too late when Cruz was the only possible option (who many republicans find even more distasteful)

The problem with politics as practiced here in the US is that almost all these people, in both parties, roll over and throw their full support behind the flawed leader they did not support in the primary because "he's better than the other guy". There wasn't nearly enough criticism of Obama from democrats during his term, and already it looks like a similar level of apology will be coming from the right over Trump's many flaws.

This kind of shit is how we end up with elections between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the worst possible alternatives on both sides.

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