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RE:"He can't be any worse than Democrats, who overlooked Obama's record on drone strikes (ten times as many as Dubya), Wall Street fraud (fewer prosecutions), and use of the espionage act to intimidate whistle-blowers (he's used it more than any other president in US history)."

I didn't overlook it. I'm so looking forward to the flap headed one reducing drone strikes so he can nip in and requisition their oil. I love the way he's inviting all the Wall Street folk into his inner circle so he can get close enough to them to rendition them to Guantanamo and Libya for some energetic interrogation into where all the money went, before slipping his underpants on over his trousers and flying off to personally murder Snowden and Assange with his fearful rhetoric of death; and he'll do all this without leaving his desk just by putting his name on the magic sheets of paper his wizards present to him. All hail the King in Yellow!

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