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Why, Big John...I do believe you're in love! You Rightists do adore your strong leaders. I know you have claimed not to be a Yellow King accolyte; you even criticized his hair! But its only because you want the best for your beloved and want the rest of the world to see him the way you do. Look at all those bits of paper he put his beautiful name on. He is signing love letters to you, Big John. He's sure draining that swamp and just so those poor venomous reptiles don't suffer from their eviction he's caring for them all personally in the aquarium he calls his cabinet. If he goes on signing all those love letters at the same rate its a good job he will soon be chopping down all the horrible view ruining trees because he will need a whole heap more paper to put his name on. Once he's sorted out those tree hugging rangers and those women in their furry hats, and the illegals who voted illegally for Hilary who should be in jail, this will be such a sweet place to live. You're right; I'm through pounding sand. I'm one of you now!

Right now! Left behind!

All hail the King in Yellow!

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