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President Donald Trump taken on by unlikely foe: Badass park rangers


1) The park rangers are first line witnesses, and they are government employes. They have an extremely important job protecting the real US treasures.

2) The United States is supposed to be a democracy, and the government officials, even the president, are citizen employees, they are not kings.

3) The good manager is the one that can make marvels with what he/she really has in his/her hands, not what he/she pretends to have.

4) You need to have employees that follow you because you can convince them, not because you force them to do what you like to do.

There are different methods to manage. One of them is to have an iron hand, but a public service it is very different than a private enterprise. On some leaked documents an US ambassador in Costa Rica said that we have a dysfunctional democracy because "everything" here is discussed openly and our president lack of real power. But, even with all our internal problems (we have many), it is still possible to bread freedom and not so contaminated air. Would the Trump administration to help the world were we all live to have a real improvement or the intention is just to paint a temporary Utopia for a couple of people?

Maybe Mr. Trump pretends to isolate the US with a wall and with information control, and describing how politics can control nature together with a brand new set of physical laws ... I expect not to be describing some other place.

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