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"But if some minor govt. employees still want to embrace the cult, they can do so. Trump won't try to criminalize it like the cultists wanted to do to the AGW skeptics. "

You are aware that forbidding the EPA from releasing any scientific studies or studies to the scientific community for peer review unless the US Gov says it is OK to do so basically contradicts that statement right? So now the situation will be that the EPA might for example (in the future) find that a water supply has been polluted with harmful chemicals - but if the Trump admin says "nope" then they can't publicly report their findings. I mean sure there is no problem here if you are happy living in a future where the only information you are ever allowed to read is "approved" information.

I fully expect to see a China style firewall within a year in the US (because eventually he will realise that some terrorists are actually US citizens)

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