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About time

Obama and the Democrats tried their best to saddle the US with the AGW cult permanently. They have failed. President Trump has tipped over that reeking garbage pile at last. You eco-religionists can go pound sand.

And I expect to see "minor resistance" from 8 years of embedded leftist bureaucrats. It will take a lot more than one week to lance all those festering boils and restore some sanity to our government.

But if some minor govt. employees still want to embrace the cult, they can do so. Trump won't try to criminalize it like the cultists wanted to do to the AGW skeptics. College professors recently have called publicly for skeptics to be jailed for not joining the cult. Their justification? Well to save the world from those evil "deniers" that's why. And the left tries to suggest it's the Christians who want to force everyone to bend to their beliefs.

Leftists only tolerate those who obey every single PC dictate, no matter how absurd or ephemeral.

I'm sorry, but we conservatives aren't able to contort our minds around the kind of comic book causes the left thinks are so incredibly urgent, like a belief in warming that just isn't happening. But hey, you guys can still point at all those carefully tweaked computer simulations, right? Y'know, the ones that have to be constantly retweaked as the world refuses to conform to them?

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