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>Much like Paint. I do almost all my image manipulation in it because it does most of what I need and has done for 10 years. Once in a blue moon I will try to remember how to use GIMP.

How do you handle Aero screen captures in paint, they have transparency ? Paint, the most useless piece of garbage on the planet, alongside notepad ... it is 2017 (it's 30 years old or so) and notepad cannot even understand LF EOL style, hello ??? Mspaint got PNG support in, what, Vista ?

All tasks that you can perform in [ms]pain[t], select cut/copy/paste, draw a line/circle/rectangle, fill the polygone are done in pretty much the same steps as in gimp ... what are you mumbling ? Oh, yes, gimp 2.8+ is trash, you need 2.6, the last sane version, if you're on Windows, get the 32-Bit version.

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