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>Like you I do get fed up with "advances". Sure, fix bugs (but why were they not found in the first place), but for 99% of the world, what we have now is plenty good enough.

Hum, no, I like advances ... Problem is, since 2001 in the Windows world and roughly 2007 in the Linux world, the younger, inexperienced, have taken over development and their definition of "advance" is not really mine.

The Linux world is more and more littered with monolithic enthusiasts, who think "the more this binary can do the better and it is so powerful that it is normal that it be dependent on all this other stuff ... ". Obviously, with bloat come bugs ... we are shifting from screwdriver, wrench, knife, spoon, and fork to Swiss army knives for everything, certainly not something I call advance.

The windows world is littered with Ux nutters who "somehow" thought toddler colours is better (XP), then the more clicks the merrier (Vista/7), and finally came to the conclusion that a 3" screen is the same as a 30" screen (h8/10). They are only starting to revert back to something that seems to make more sense, however, as much as the jump to tablet ui was sudden, it somehow takes them years to revert back, for no apparent technical reason.

Containers are cool, for example, a good progress ... I do not have to write the examples of bad progress, we all know them ....

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