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On pink UIX elephants

What I'm talking about are the needless UI rewrites that don't actually do anything for users (web browsers seem to be the most egregious example of this)

Can I just call attention to the elephant in the room, and say the web browser isn't quite the most egregious example the author could have thought of?

Microsoft and their products...Office, Windows. Who the hell thought putting a phone interface on a server was a good idea? Anyone? Word/excel/ect...all seem to have significant UI changes every version, but I've yet to hear a clear reason why.

By comparison, browser changes are relatively benign. There's tabs, address/search bar and bookmarks. Everything else just gets in the way of the actual webpage you're trying to view. Sure, icons might change a bit...menus might shift...but as most of us aren't poking around in there too much anyway, there isn't any muscle memory to trip over while trying to do common tasks.

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