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"I work for BT"...

Not convinced. Your reply reads like exactly the same template response that VW put out in response to Dieselgate. (this response must get distributed as a template press-release as part of an MBA). It's a rogue Engineer, or maybe two (always lower management, never Senior). It's a very small number of individuals. It's an isolated occurence within BT. It's doesn't reflect the values of the Company, blah, blah, blah. Total mitigating bullshit.

At £530 million, this isn't two indiivduals, this is wholesale internal corruption, nothing less. The CMA decision to allow the merger of EE was suspect too, someone got paid off there, for certain. Hopefully that will get looked at again.

The quicker Openreach is split from BT the better. Ofcom need to be reorganised/reprimanded too, Ofcom seem incapable of doing their job. Not helped by bullying/Legal threats by BT which are a disgrace, especially in light of this.

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