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I work for BT

I work for BT. I don't usually comment on BT stories: I've become inured to cynical and inaccurate speculation about BT and Openreach, but on this occasion I felt obliged to. I found out like everyone else this morning. We're horrified - it certainly goes against everything I've experienced in the company. Everyone completes mandatory training every year on proper behaviour and ethics under the title 'The Way We Work', everyone usually both 'talks the talk' and 'walks the walk' and - in my experience until finding out this morning - we believed that this was something that simply wouldn't happen at BT.

I have no special information, but from what I've read so far this isn't a 'mistake', it sounds more like deliberate criminality by a small number of people, hence why Italian prosectors have begun an investigation. Hopefully everyone reading this comment will appreciate that it's not for Gavin Patterson, our CEO, to speculate about such things when he spoke to analysts this morning. Second-guessing police and prosecutors would help no one. Thorough criminal investigations now need to be conducted. Hopefully a just outcome will follow in due course - which might involve imprisonment.

Re. comments about people getting away with it. I know it's tempting to be cynical, but I would bet my mortgage that the individuals in question have *not* received any payouts or generous allowances: my interpretation of what I've read from various sources is that they were caught thanks to a whistleblower within our ranks who reported concerns to BT Centre in London, and then once the guilty parties were identified, we suspended them and they resigned. Remember: there's only so much a company can do to employees, and that's controlled by their contracts. If there has been criminal behaviour that requires police and prosecutors - who I am confident are being briefed by colleagues as I type this. Let's see what prosecutors make of this, but please - for what one necessarily-anonymous internet commentator is worth - be aware that this is *not* the company we recognise.

PS It's only tangentially-related, but: we know that customer service is poor, and we've been investing a fortune in building new UK call centres, recruiting UK staff to fill them, and recruiting and training new engineers - but it's like turning around a supertanker, or changing the wheels on a moving train (pick your own simile) While our customer service investments are working, they are doing so slowly. It will work: it is our key focus, and similar organisations in the last decade (including Sky) have demonstrated that turning around atrocious customer service is possible, so I am confident that we will manage it, too. I apologise to those who we have let down in the meantime.

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