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Uhm... I guess you haven't had to work on things like wylbur. That was Satan's work!

When I was in high school, I borrowed my brother's copy of Stallman's paper on Emacs that he had on micro cards. (Not film but cards. Had to go to the public library in order to read it. Our school only had the film readers) [Again, I'm aging myself...]

Emacs is a bit interesting, and if not installed correctly could cause a security hole. (I guess you need to be a Unix admin from way back when to understand that. So we insisted on everyone using vi.

Vi isn't the spawn of satan. It was free and consistent across the universe. Emacs may or may not exist. So you ended up sticking vi.

And yes, I'm that old that I always type in vi and not vim. The devil face because I remember when BSD first came out. :-P

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