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Bland bland bland bland bland

Never mind that, the important question on everyone's minds is...

Why does the girl in the stock photo you used for this story's thumbnail not have any glass in her, er, glasses?

Now that I look at it, the whole photo is half-arsed crap. Is this the blandest and least convincing stock photo ever?

Like the attempt to look more interesting with the "elves and the shoemaker" oversized fastening on her clothes. Like her hairstyle. Like the aforementioned glassless glasses.

It's a contrived attempt to look interesting that fails because it looks both contrived and uninteresting- like they couldn't be arsed putting in the effort needed to *not* look contrived.

Pose? "Just stand over there and hold your hands up like you're confused or something". Couldn't look more half-arsed and unconvincing if she'd tried. In truth- and to be fair- she comes across like someone inexperienced in posing for stupid stock photos. The real person to blame is whoever thought "meh, good enough, only ten minutes to lunch" with that not-smirky-enough-to-be-a-smirk-faced first attempt.

All topped off with an exciting white background!

At least the angry woman stock photo you use a lot is almost amusingly silly. Bring back Flaming Angry Woman!

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