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"You have to wonder if other large-scale companies follow the same best-practice. Such as Tesco, with their £326m accounting scandal..."

Best Practice? Nothing to do with best accounting practice regards Tesco. Tesco has been shown (by SFO) to be the result of serious fraud at the boardroom level (trials of 3 are set for Sept 2017), but as always it's very difficult to get prosecutions to stick, such as former chief executive Philip Clarke, without a paper trail/evidence. Maybe he co-operated fully with the investigation, but while possible, it seems very unlikely he was fully unaware.

At £530 (likely to be revised higher, Tesco estimates went up £63m from an initial £264m estimate to £326m) is still £204 million more than Tesco, which is still more than the total value of the whole of the Welsh FTTC Contract. (A contract taking years not weeks to undertake).

"I'm guessing it was more a case of inflated numbers and stuff being rapidly shuffled between divisions and/or bank accounts to make things look good and keep bonuses high."

In my book what you have just written 'is' fraud/corruption. You seem to see this a "light touch" manipulation?

If you look for comparisons between the two Tesco/BT, on a simplistic consumer level, we had schizophrenic blantant, deceiptful "yoyo" offers at Tesco during Philip Clark's Tenure. We have the same schizophrenic deceiptful "yoyo" offers at BT/ taking place, just the same, with multiple increases in the same year.

but as you say, "this situation is absolutely nothing to do with BT's practices in this country".

Nothing to see here, move along.

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