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What info. for whom and for what purpose

Who will use this info. for what purpose? Who control the controllers? Why have secretes in an open society, market and democracy? What is the constitution for? What happened to the unreasonable search and seizure? Innocent until proven guilty? Habeas Corpus? Government of, by and for the people?

Is the info. going to be in the hands of the same people who went to the UN about Iraq's WMD, who denied in front of cameras in Congress they did not collect metadata on Americans? Whose government is it anyway? Why not put the idea to referendum?

Governments created with profiteers media manipulations and trickery on people's feelings do not have much concern about the interest of the majority as indicated by Piketty's Capital in the 21st Century...

Those at the apex of mega private organizations must pay attention to the massive iron fists being raised with every manufactured crisis and should use resources to counter with forces to remove the threats. Raised iron fists are bad omen for a free society based on Constitutional foundation without revising the foundation through mass participation in the process.

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