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You wrote: Premiums rose.

Yup. And under Bush, pre-ACA, premiums... also rose. 58% in his last 6 years in office, 2002 - 2008.

2009 to 2016, according to Kaiser/HRET, premiums rose 34%.

This is an example of a misleading argument using partial information.

What else is wrong in the list you quoted? How about, "Americans aren’t getting healthier."

For an opposing, research-based viewpoint, see the NY Times, August, 2016:

"A few recent studies suggest that people have become less likely to have medical debt or to postpone care because of cost. They are also more likely to have a regular doctor and to be getting preventive health services like vaccines and cancer screenings. A new study, published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine, offers another way of looking at the issue. Low-income people in Arkansas and Kentucky, which expanded Medicaid insurance to everyone below a certain income threshold, appear to be healthier than their peers in Texas, which did not expand."

Finally, a bit of meta: here's what a media bias / factcheck website wrote about your source:

"Notes: Zero Hedge is a financial blog that aggregates news and presents editorial opinions from original and outside sources. In between the aggregated news there are crazy economic conspiracies and general right wing biases."

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