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I expect that he somehow thought that since his articles were published in Italy, they would not be in the public view in the UK. Naive, perhaps, or perhaps merely arrogant. When you accept a job in which you're expected to render judgement on others, you have to accept that you are constrained in what opinions you're allowed to express in public...showing any bias in one area and recusing oneself from selected cases won't keep the defendant's attorney in the cases you do hear from casting your every decision as stemming from bias. If a criminal-court judge were to openly espouse sexist ideologies in articles...would it not be all too easy for a lawyer to claim the judge also harbors racist bias too? He was told the policy and agreed to it. Then found he couldn't hold his tongue (or, I suppose, keyboard) after current events and violated his agreement...and tried to conceal it by publishing in another country. One doesn't have to give cause or written warnings for violations of policy. If a co-worker came into the office and went on an obscene rant, using foul language and expressing hatred of various ethnic groups, you would expect that person to be dismissed immediately - not gently cautioned not to do it again, and given a written warning to sign off on promising to be good from now on.

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