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(I'm a bit late here)

If a person has such a phone in his pocket and it explodes into flame...he'll sue Samsung for his injuries - and damage to his pants. C'mon, one idiot tried to sue a Verizon store for NOT STOPPING HIM from committing identity theft. Our phone-clinging, pants-afire litigant isn't going to accept personal responsibility for his misfortune either. Samsung didn't FORCE him to stop carrying the phone, did they? Given the number of such units sold, the number that actually DID catch fire, and the percentage of sold units unaccounted for *and* the fact that one cannot be sure how many of the unaccounted-for units might have still been used, the scenario here is far from "certain to happen", but lawyers make their living dreaming up unlikely, but possible, situations that could result in liability. Other lawyers with clients wanting to sue likewise spend a lot of time trying to find SOME way for as many parties as possible to be in some way "responsible" for their client's injuries/loss, and preferably, many of those have deep pockets and an interest in settling out of court for PR purposes.

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