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You fool! You are clearly in the minority group within the minority groups of California voters. You just have to look at how the votes went in California to see that Meg Ryan's waste of money could even be quadrupled by the next California Billionaire seeking to lose the next election for the office of Governor. (Actually that MUST be good for the economy somehow, trickle-down you know)

Jerry Brown, who you insult with the mind of a feces fixated four year old, solved the State's huge deficit that in less than four years, which Republican Schwarzenegger couldn't manage to do anything about in 8 after building his entire platform with that one board. His predecessor, Gray Davis, was recalled, no-hounded out of office, through an ill-advised effort to neutralize the Republican/Enron, Electricity Free Market and Price Fixing Debacle that ruined the California economy, as well as each and every resident. That, BTW, was instituted under HIS predecessor; I believe we're STILL paying for that adventure in laissez-faire economics. Governor Davis went down in flames only a few months into office because of a Republican time bomb so successfully aimed that it became the formula for Bush Jr's ruination of the US economy just for President Obama. And of course, he couldn't be allowed to succeed, after all he is black AND a Democrat. Then two years later, both Houses of Congress Republican, sat on their hands and full wallets for the remainder of the President's eight years of success, despite their sabotage, The venom and hatred spewed roused those most damaged by the 2008 banking theft, et al, into believing they were even worse off, despite the President's effective and amazing economic recovery, health-insurance-for-everyone ACA, and recovery of American Image, at home and abroad, etc. led to near disenfranchisement of Democrats.. Thus Republicans, the self-righteous, and the ignorant, managed to "win" the 2016 Presidential Election despite the 3 MILLION MORE popular votes cast for a WOMAN (they snicker here) BETTER qualified for the office probably than any previous candidate, ever. Maybe it's just because Democrats decline to use long term strategies of voter manipulation, sabotage, blatant disregard of what is best for the country and the PEOPLE, chess style economic ruinations, assigns and decries their own most innate characteristics in the opponent, ballot box fixing gerrymandering, self aggrandizement, cheating, Bible-thumping, racism, bigotry, creating unwarranted fear and panic, personal enrichment (while denigrating wealth outside their own), devisiveness, distortion, etc, etc, and plain old lying to empower themselves; and, now we get Trumped.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aide of their Country (all peoples, all nations, and our planet)

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