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Any Ideas?

I'm a technophile, an electronic engineer specializing in comms and IT, an early adopter of the Internet. I know what is out there, well perhaps I don't know the really uncharted frontier of the unacceptable, illegal and obscene. I am fortunate that my children got through puberty and into adulthood before the time of 24 hour access where everyone has one, two or three Internet devices. There was one computer in the house and it was in a public area.

Now I have grandchildren. Shortly the eldest will be wanting a mobile phone or pad. Forget net neutrality, 5G, fiber to the premises etc, the one thing I want is some way to ensure that they are protected from even the nearer edges of the Internet. Not only pornography but also, topically, false news. Some of this will be done with education by parents and schools. However when on their own, under the blankets in their room, they may see and hear things that are not good for them.

Something must be done! Sadly all my training and experience makes me doubt that there is a solution that is more than just window dressing.

Has anyone a solution?

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