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Mrs. Clinton out-spent Trump by a fairly large percentage, as I understand it. She still lost.

Hopefully "2nd time around" Jerry Brown [cali-fornicate-you's WORST governor, EVAR], who's nickname I derive from the concept of EATING ONE'S OWN VOMIT, won't be able to CORONATE a replacement so easily. That guy ADMITTED to lying his backside off in TV interviews ONLY A FEW YEARS before he ran again, "on a technicality" I might add [he should NEVER have been allowed to run in the FIRST place].

The current overwhelming number of LEFTISTS in state gummint leads me to believe that there is a HUGE collusion going on. I suspect that when the deportations start, and when federal immigration/hiring laws are ACTUALLY ENFORCED, the elections might shift a *little* more to the right - not because of the opinions of LEGAL voters, but by the *ELIMINATION* of the *ILLEGAL* ones.

So maybe where Meg Whitman failed [she was too 'moderate' anyway], a Trump-like Republican is likely to succeed, so long as illegals and dead people no longer vote.

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