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Surely either the designer would be imperfect or the insistence on removing it would be an insult to the creator.

Y'know, I've spent a lot of time wrapping gifts over my life. Some have been wrapped carefully in layer apon layer of protective and/or "beautiful" wraping paper, some have had ribbons on them (which, despite my time in the scouts, is pretty tough given my focus and knot-tying skills!), some have been hastily covered in the nearest paper, some have just had a towel or jacket or whatever was handy tossed over them as an afterthought.

Never once has I considered it an insult that all of my hard work and labour, or seconds of afterthought, have quickly been discarded by someone.

Not that I am saying that foreskins are necessarily gift-wrapping, but I can think of a few people who would say it is!

Either way the core tenet of a perfect creator is undermined.

I don't know why the idea of circumscision was there. Obvious not cleanliness, because a) a lot of other peoples didn't have it and didn't have related issues and b) Paul claimed it was of no importance.

Anyway, visitors so much go.

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